Straight Talk: 12/23/11 Dan Martin

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Pineville Police Officer Dan Martin with his personal story of being declared dead and his return to life.




5 Responses to Straight Talk: 12/23/11 Dan Martin

  1. Toby calhoun


    As you know I am thrilled with how well you are improving it is without a doubt a miracle. I stil give GOD all the Glory for your recovery and all those that GOD had put in place for such a time as that. I am proud to say that you are my friend and I am yours. I also wanted to say what a wonderful strong Bride that Dan has I have never really got to know Elaine but through this I found out how lucky Dan is. Both Dan and Elaine are wonderful people and so deserving of each other. my hope and prayer for both you guy’s is that you will live every moment like it could be your last and GOD’S will be accomplished in you lives. I do LOVE you guy’s.

    Toby Calhoun

  2. Captain Bill Connell Assistant Chief of Police, Pineville, NC

    Sgt. Dan Martin has always taught his officers that you never give up. This past September he demonstrated that giving up is not an option. Dan gives God all the credit for him still being here while God placed the people around Dan that day to administer medical attention to him from the hero police officers teaching and taking training to a first rate hospital staff who fought to save his life even after medical science indicated that the fight couldn’t be won. Dan is one of those people that come into your life and the rest of your days are better just by knowing him. Sgt. Dan Martin is one my hero without a doubt.

  3. Dave Lewandowski

    Dan, I am so thankful you are doing well! Thanks to God, all the officers and medical staff who was able to keep me dear friend alive!

  4. James Brienza

    I am so happy you are doing well Dan. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank you Mr. Kimmel for getting his story out.

    James Brienza
    Gaston County Police Department

  5. Dan Martin

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Mr. Kimmel for telling my story. I felt very confortable with him during the interview.

    Dan Martin