“Army Wives” star lobbies against SC film incentive cuts (AUDIO)

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"Army Wives" actress Wendy Davis

"Army Wives" actress Wendy Davis

The Senate will vote on Governor Sanford’s veto Tuesday on the South Carolina film and television production incentive program. One of the film productions that portrays Charleston as its back-drop, Lifetime Movie Network’s popular series “Army Wives” is hoping the Senate overrides the veto so it can stay filming in Charleston. Wendy Davis, who plays character Lt. Colonel Joan Burton on the show, says the industry brings up tourism dollars, impacting the state’s overall economy.

The tax incentives are worth it. Look at how many people come here because they actually saw South Carolina on a television show, or a movie, and they said ‘hey, wow, look at how beautiful that place is.

Davis says if South Carolina does not offer these tax incentives anymore, “Army Wives,” and most likely others, will move to a state offering incentives. She says South Carolina will be taking itself out of the film and television business and there are so many positives to keeping the business in the state.

Army Wives’ specifically has worked with over 400 local vendors. There have been businesses that have been started around the film and television business here. We’ve paid out over $19 million in salaries and wages. Since 2006, ‘Army Wives’ has contributed over $120 million directly to the local economy.

But, if the South Carolina Senate does not override Governor Sanford’s veto against the film incentives program, Davis says, these businesses and funding will leave the state.

We do call it free advertisement for South Carolina because it’s not just about ‘Army Wives,’ this is really about film and television in general. People love to go and visit places they see in movies and on television shows. South Carolina is so easy to make look beautiful.

House members overrode the governor’s veto earlier this month on a 104-7 vote. The Senate votes Tuesday.

AUDIO: Report with Davis’ comments, MP3 :48




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