Straight Talk

Straight Talk: 10/09/15 Kathy Pender

Pender discusses the successes the city has experienced in recent years, along with the challenges city officials and the city council face now and in the future.…

Straight Talk: 10/08/2015 Karlissa Parker

Parker provides an update on GiTi Tire's opening and discusses the steps Chester County went through to lure the Singapore-based company.…

Straight Talk: 10/07/2015 Tommy Pope

Pope discusses reasons why voters in York County should cast their ballots in favor of the November 3rd bond referendum.…

Palmetto Mornings
  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 Chris Miller High School Football Tonight

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 Rusty Ray: Bank of America 500

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 George Schwab: Lesslie Fire Dept. Open House Sunday

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/8/15 Bill and Debra Adkins: Cancer Fundraiser for Robin

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/7/15 Anne Cash and Lisa McCarley

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