Straight Talk

Straight Talk: 10/08/2015 Karlissa Parker

Parker provides an update on GiTi Tire's opening and discusses the steps Chester County went through to lure the Singapore-based company.…

Straight Talk: 10/07/2015 Tommy Pope

Pope discusses reasons why voters in York County should cast their ballots in favor of the November 3rd bond referendum.…

Straight Talk: 10/06/2015 Pat Kelsey

Kelsey previews the upcoming season, and discusses the importance of getting as many fans as possible into the Winthrop Coliseum during home games.…

Palmetto Mornings
  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 Chris Miller High School Football Tonight

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 Rusty Ray: Bank of America 500

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/9/15 George Schwab: Lesslie Fire Dept. Open House Sunday

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/8/15 Bill and Debra Adkins: Cancer Fundraiser for Robin

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 10/7/15 Anne Cash and Lisa McCarley

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