Straight Talk

Straight Talk: 08/28/15 Rebecca Melton and Duane Neff

Melton and Neff discuss another community needs survey that will be done by the agency during the rest of this year.…

Straight Talk: 08/27/15 Wes Climer

Climer talks about how the county party is trying to lure as many of the 17 GOP presidential candidates here as possible prior to the February 20th SC primary.…

Straight Talk: 08/26/15 Megan Sosne

Sosne discusses her education and career that began in the Carolinas and landed her in the Pacific Northwest.…

Palmetto Mornings
  • Palmetto Mornings: 8/28/15 Gene Knight and Chris Miller

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 8/28/15 Jeanne Robertson

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 8/27/15 Gail Harris

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 8/27/15 Russell Frase

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  • Palmetto Mornings: 8/27/15 Dr. Kathy Kinsey

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