Straight Talk

Straight Talk 01-15-19: Dr. Andrew Besmer

Dr. Andrew Besmer of Winthrop University visits with Manning Kimmel to discuss “Great Internet of Things Hackathon” and upcoming 3D Printing Competition on Straight Talk. Podcast: Play in new window | Download…

Straight Talk 01-14-19: Wes Hayes

Wes Hayes joins Straight Talk to discuss his new role as Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education and improving our colleges. Podcast: Play in new window | Download…

Straight Talk 01-11-18: Karlissa Parker Dean

Karlissa Parker Dean, Director of Chester County Economic Development joins Manning Kimmel on Straight Talk to discuss great things happening in Chester. Podcast: Play in new window | Download…

Palmetto Mornings
  • 01/15/2019: Bryan Dillon – Clover Schools

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  • 01/14/2019: Wade Hardin – D & W Pest Solutions

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  • 01/14/2019: Mary Beth Knapp – The Humane Society of York County

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  • 01/11/2019: Alison Mallard – Culture & Heritage Museums

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  • 01/11/2019: Jessica Meek and Roger Cherry – H & R Block

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